Issaquah, Washington


A poignant reminder of childhood, touches of culture from around Asia, and a beautiful serene garden to while away the time. We look forward to seeing you!

about us

U-MI (pronounced "you" "me") Cafe is a 'fusion' of the young spirit and the old soul. We envision the young and the old coming together to eat, to drink, to share your day. With that in mind, we devised a menu to fit all ages, dishes from our childhood with a modern twist...drinks to warm the soul and cool beverages for the young at heart.


The "UMI" Experiences

Taiwan beef noodle soup was excellent. Beef and tofu served on the side with dipping sauce and minced pickled vegetable. Looked good and tasted good. Broth spiced nicely.

James Char (Google Reviews)

Bubble tea are amazing. So glad we found this sweet cafe.

Carole S. (Yelp)

This is definitely one of those hole in the wall places. Had no idea it was here until my friends showed me it. The ambiance of the place is small but very welcoming.

Russell Schmidt (Google Reviews)

Lovely Trans-Asian Cafe - This is a small family place, impeccably decorated with a variety of asian dishes and american beer. There is a outside garden with seating and a few well-behaved kids running around. I was quite charmed.

ericd726 (Trip Advisor)

Short Ribs & Rib Eye Pho had incredibly tender, large rib eyes. Super tasty. An unexpected surprise was the beer list. I indulged with a Maui Brewing Coconut Hiwa Porter. Boom! Very reasonable pricing. We'll be back.

Stelio D'Alo (Google Reviews)

I like this place a lot. Originally I went in just to have a coffee, and they do that just fine: espressos, cappuccinos, etc. What's fun is they offer a range of typical and varied Asian casual cuisine. Soup noodles, udon, rice dishes, wonton, and asian style desserts.

BigCitiesBoy (Trip Advisor)

This place has been our go to quarantine takeout. My husband and I absolutely love their Short Rib Pho and Tawainese beef noodle soup. Also their boba teas are delicious! Thank you for always making us feel happy with your delicious meals!

Hannah K. (Yelp)

Great atmosphere, excellent food.

Tiffani Williams (Google Reviews)

Surprising hidden treasure in Issaquah! We read reviews on yelp, we were looking for a new low pressure place to celebrate a birthday. This fit the bill perfectly.

Moon D. (Yelp)


80 Southeast Bush Street
Issaquah WA 98027


11am-8:00pm Everyday
(425) 777-1958